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Colorado Springs Real Estate

Choosing a Realtor For Your Home

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Researching real estate agents to find the right one can take a tremendous amount of time. Fortunately there are lots of websites that make the job of choosing a real estate agent easier. Some of the most popular sites include:

1. Zillow.com
2. Trulia.com
3. Agentsranking.com
4. homelight.com
5. Referz.com

You might be wondering if all of these sites have identified the same top real estate agents in Colorado Springs or if they use different criteria and have selected different agents. Let’s first take a look at the Zillow agents.

Zillow Real Estate Agents

Zillow allows you to sort top agents by a variety of criteria including, most active, most recent sales, best local reviews and most listings. For this comparison we will use “most active”. One of the challenges when comparing real estate agents is that many agents have formed teams and their sales activity is combined. It isn’t really comparing apples to apples if one team has 2 team members and another has 50 team members, so we will also filter the results by “individuals”.

The #1 ranked Zillow individual agent is Lauren Schneider with RE/MAX Real Estate Group. Lauren has 54 five star reviews and has 145 recent sales. One recent review from 10.20.2017, “Lauren is one of the few realtors that follows up with your purchase experience”.

The #2 ranked Zillow agent is Michelle Fisher with RE/MAX Properties. Michelle has 66, five-star reviews and has 44 recent home sales in Colorado Springs. She currently has 8 homes for sale.

Homelight Real Estate Agents

Homelight has a slightly different business model than Zillow or Trulia. Homelight compiles that sales data and history for the real estate agents included on their website, however, they attempt to make a recommendation tailored to you and your needs. They recommend a couple of real estate agents and hope that you will choose the realtor they recommend. They receive a 25% referral fee if you decide to buy or sell a house with a real estate agent they recommend. This is the industry standard referral fee.

AgentsRanking Realtor Referrals

Agents Ranking takes more of an old school, personal approach to identifying and recommending real estate agents. They use sales data, however, they also make recommendations based on their personal experience working with hundreds of realtors across the country. They take into account skills such as the agents ability to guide the seller to make home improvements that will increase the resale value of the home being sold, feedback from past clients, quality of marketing and photographs, extras such as the agent including a home warranty for sellers and buyers. Their personalized approach is one that sets them apart from many of the larger companies.

It is clear that there are many ways you can choose a Colorado Springs real estate agents. We suggest that you interview two to three real estate agents prior to making a decision. Find one that offers quality marketing, has 10+ years of experience and has a personality that you like. You’ll be working with this person for a while and the personal connection is important.

Colorado Springs Housing Market Conditions

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As the summer housing market comes to an end in Colorado Springs, it’s time to take a look at the numbers to assess the health of the market. According to the Zillow website, Colorado Springs has a current median home value of $256,300. This represents an increase of 9.3% over the past year. The economists at Zillow estimate that Colorado Springs prices will continue rising in 2017 and 2018 to the tune of 3.8%. This tells us that the market is cooling down a little bit and should be welcome news for buyers who have been competing with multiple offers trying to buy a home.

Currently the average list price in Colorado Springs is sitting at about $310,000 or $142 per square foot. The values in the metro area are the same at $142 per square foot. Current rental prices are $1475.

Prices have soared over the past few years. As recently as 2015, you could buy a home in Colorado Springs for about $200,000. The rise in home prices has resulted in home owners feeling comfortable with their equity position in their homes. In the United States, 10.4% of home owners have negative equity; meaning they owe more on their home than it is worth. In Colorado Springs, only 8.1% of homes have negative equity. This tells us that the housing market in Colorado Springs, is healthier than the national average.

Sellers looking to maximize their home value, often look to increase the value by doing some home improvement projects or remodeling prior to listing their house for sale. There are lots of small things you can do to increase the value. Many sellers focus on curb appeal and paint the front door, seal coat the drive way and plant flowers along the side walk. Sellers looking at larger projects may consider using barn wood or reclaimed lumber from a local Colorado lumber yard to build an accent wall, install beams or even replace an old fire place mantel.  Of course, painting will probably be the biggest bang for your buck.

We’re glad to see that prices in Colorado Springs are starting to settle down. We’ve been contacted by so many potential buyers over the past year who we were unable to help due to soaring prices and lack of demand. Now is a great time to begin your home search. The winter months are always a little slower, so you will face less competition from other buyers.


Colorado Springs Best REALTORS

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How do you find the best realtor in Colorado Springs, CO to sell your house? If you are looking for a house to buy, you may likely have the same question. It used to be that if you wanted to hire a real estate agent, you would simply ask a friend, neighbor or family member who they used to buy or sell their home. That time is long past. Now there are numerous websites that will find a recommend a top real estate agent including Homelight, AgentAce, Referz, Agents Ranking,  My Agent Finder, Dave Ramsey and more. Most of these websites work with Colorado Springs real estate agents who have won sales awards and have at least five years of sales experience.

Many of the leading real estate agents are from companies such as Pink Realty, RE/MAX, Skyline Properties, Sotheby’s, Coldwell Banker, 8z Real Estate or Best Realty. You’re likely to receive valuable information about the experience and sales success for the real estate agent or agents they recommend.

Most home sellers begin the process by interviewing a couple of agents who can provide them with an estimated market value for their house. Of course there are numerous automated tools from companies like Redfin’s How Much is My House Worth and the Chase Home Value Estimator. The most accurate valuation will come from a Colorado Spring real estate agent who can accurately account for things like curb appeal, quality of finishes and neighborhood appeal.

Have you used any of these automated real estate services? If so, what has your experience been? If you used a website to receive an automated property value and then met with a real estate agent who you hired to sell your house, how did the automated value compare to the sale price? How did it compare to the property value given to you by the local real estate expert?


Colorado Springs Housing Market Favors Sellers

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Homes sellers in Colorado Springs have been experienced a real sellers’ market that has resulted in market time for homes listed for sale of less than 30 days and an increase in multiple offers which is driving up home prices. A healthy Colorado housing market would be a situation in which the supply of houses is around 6 months. This would be considered a neutral housing market, one that doesn’t favor buyer or sellers, it’s simply health. If the supply is more than 6 months, the market would favor buyers, if the housing supply is less than 6 months, this would be a sellers’ market. Currently the supply of homes in Colorado Springs is only about three months. Let’s just say we have a lot of very happy sellers who have seen drastic home price appreciation over the past year or so.

Benefit for Home Sellers

Sellers have seen the value of their home increase by as much as 10% over the past year alone and this is after two years of back to back price increases. The market is getting unaffordable for 1st time buyers who are excited to purchase their first home. Many first time buyers are having to choose condos or town homes instead of single family homes after meeting with a local agent who educates them on current home prices. It’s always a good idea to check out current prices on realtor.com, prior to meeting with an agent. This will service to set realistic expectations about what you can and can’t afford when you begin your home search.

Home prices are expected to continue to increase driven by lack of new construction over the past few years and historically low interest rates which have allowed buyers to purchase more house than they would be able to afford in a higher interest rate environment.

Many would be buyers are having to consider rental options. It is still possible to rent a nice home in Manitou Springs, Cimarron Hills, Woodland Park, Divide, Peyton, Woodmoor and Fountain for less than $2000 per month, however, as home prices continue to climb, we expect to see this begin to effect rental prices as well. It is often a balancing act to determine if it makes more sense to purchase a home or to continue renting.

Help For Home Buyers

Home buyers in CO Springs looking for assistance with qualifying for a mortgage, will benefit from the guidance they will receive when contacting a local real estate agent who will be able to connect them with a Colorado Springs mortgage lender. A few of the most active buyers agents include:

  • Monica Breckenridge and Pink Team with Pink Realty
  • Jeff Johnson with RE/MAX Real Estate Group
  • Treasure Davis with RE/MAX Properties

We have enjoyed working with Jason Daniels from RE/MAX as well as Ann Heiring. Both of these top agents are experienced and dedicated to their clients.

Although most real estate agents don’t specialize in working with renters, they may also be able to provide a recommendation for someone who can assist you with finding a house for rent. We always recommend that potential renters check craigslist, which is one of the best sources of homes for rent in Colorado Springs.